Let's Build A World Where Kindness Does Its Magic.


Easy kindness act for another:

Give a simple compliment to a stranger: "I love your shirt, smile, energy, etc." You could be a spark of joy for someone today!


Easy kindness act for yourself:

I may not know you but whoever you are, I appreciate you. You are worthy as you are. Gift yourself these words: "I am worthy as I am."


A Different Kind Of Brand

"This is awesome! Happy to represent this. Seeing more good in the world is important!" - Val

Superheroes don't need capes. They just need to care, engage, and encourage. Check out one the top viewed videos!

"A friend asked me what's 'HPYVIBES?' I told him it stood for spreading kindness and a reminder to do small acts of kindness. He thought that was cool!" - Kevin

"I recently looked myself in the mirror and said 'You are worthy just as you are.' It made me emotional in a good way." - Gio


"Wow I love this! Going to give the Instagram a follow now!" - Natalie


Ready to feel less stressed in 5 minutes?

Breath in through your nose for five seconds. Hold it. Take another short breath in through your nose. Exhale gently out your mouth. Repeat for five minutes. This is called 'cyclic sighing' and proven to reduce stress by a study done by Stanford Medicine.

Why Kindness Is Critical. Harvard's Chilling Discovery: 36% of Americans Suffer 'Serious Loneliness'

According to a Harvard University study on loneliness, 36% of Americans experience "serious loneliness." This number rises significantly among young adults aged 18-25 (61%) and mothers with young children (51%). It's scary stuff.

One of the key recommendations? Restore commitments to others. Reach out to others who might be lonely. Show you care.

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